Boy Harsher: minimal cold wave on winter solstice

On the darkest day of the year, I stumbled upon Boy Harsher’s new track: “Fate”. I don’t believe in fate whatsoever. I think you build up your musical taste, stone by stone, to a point where you will only get satisfied if you stumble onto gems. “Face the Fire” was the second gem I found today, taken from their upcoming album – “Careful” -, out February 1st, 2019. I’m glad for the anticipation about what this minimal cold wave masterpiece will be. I mean, what are the odds of finding a consistently good new darkwave band nowadays?

That is why “Face the Fire” is urgently playing in loop through my headphones right now. A song that is hauntingly beautiful and visceral at the same time. Listening to Boy Harsher means getting vulnerable and stripped by their constant undertone of sorrow. Augustus Muller is no other than an alchemist extracting gold out of those synthesizers. And Jae Matthews, with her daunting voice and lyrics, makes you want to revive your teenage goth subculture. Although combining mid 80s danceable beats, classic EBM, and synth-punk, I can still foresee an avant-garde and experimental musical path for Boy Harsher.

Reminiscence of Alan Wilder, the percussionist, on minute 3:40! Anyone?

Spanish version:

Boy Harsher: “minimal cold wave” en el solsticio de invierno


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